Unstoppable by Tim Green

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Why are all sport books sooooo sad?!?!?!?!?! I can’t even… It’s just too much… Huggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! This book was soooooooo sad and soooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!! I am seriously  ready to cry… (It’s really sad, but Really good!)

This book is about a foster kid from a, ‘sniff’, cruel home. He wants to play football, but his foster parents kind-of said ‘No.’ This is NOT a kid book; when I read it, I was shocked and I did put it down cause he (code-words) saw a belt a lot! ‘Sniff!!!!!’ But he gets out of the bad foster home and get’s into a better one!!!! (And now I’m crying…) And he finally gets to play FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

I really liked the book, but there was a lot of sad stuff in it. There is (code words) a guy who fell into a ‘mad’ cows pen and he went bye-bye; and there is cancer in the book, and it’s just Sad. But, it is a great book for youth 12 and up. The book is inspirational and heartwarming. It really makes you look at your life and just CRY!!!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY suggest this book, for kids (mostly boys) 12 and up.

Over all, it’s not a kid-friendly book, but it is a great book for teens. And I highly suggest it, but as always! Ask your parents first. 😉 Have a wonderful rest of your day!!! -The Young Llama Reader.


  • This is a really good book for older boys
  • An amazing book!!!!!!!!!!


  • Really violent
  • SUPER SAD!!!!!

If anyone understands the phrase “tough luck,” it’s Harrison. As a foster kid in a cruel home, he knows his dream of one day playing in the NFL is a long shot.

Then Harrison is brought into a new home with kind, loving parents—his new dad is even a football coach. Harrison’s big build and his incredible determination quickly make him a star running back on the junior high school team.

On the field, he’s practically unstoppable. But Harrison’s good luck can’t last forever. When a routine sports injury leads to a devastating diagnosis, it will take every ounce of Harrison’s determination not to give up for good.

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